Cleaning Rusty Spoon

A spoon is one of the tools in the kitchen that gets dull easily. It could be because the spoon is the cutlery we use most often so it comes in contact with water the most. The cause of a dull spoon can be due to several things. For example, sometimes we don’t wash it right away but soak it first with other dirty items. Or, maybe after washing it, we don’t wipe it dry enough, so the spoon is stored in a damp state. Well, behaviors like these are prone to making spoons dull or even rusty. You can get the shine back with rub n buff.

Rusty spoons are not only unsightly. However, these rust stains are also not very good for health. Because the rusty area is prone to bacteria or germs. That’s why, if the spoon starts to rust, we have to clean it quickly. If you are confused about cleaning it, just try a few ways to clean the following rusty spoons.

1. Soak in Vinegar

Vinegar has a very high acid content, so it can be used as a way to make spoons shiny again. The trick is simply to soak the rusty spoon into a container filled with vinegar overnight. The next morning the rust stains must have faded. After that, we just rub the remaining rust with an aluminum scouring ball, then wash the spoon as usual with soap until clean. Oh yes, so that the rust is successfully cleaned thoroughly, it is better to use apple cider vinegar than white vinegar. Although white vinegar can also be used, it is not as effective as apple cider vinegar in removing rust.

2. Soak in Lemon or Lime Juice

The ability of lemons and limes to help complete household chores is unquestionable. Besides being effective in helping to remove stains on clothes, lemon and lime are also quite effective at removing rust on spoons. The trick is first to sprinkle salt on the rusty part of the spoon for a few moments, then insert the knife into a glass or bowl filled with lemon or lime juice. Soak it long enough for the rust to start to fade, then scrape off the remaining rust with an aluminum scouring ball.

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