Summary of April 2012 membership meeting

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Ramona Trails Association

Membership-Business Meeting Minutes and Summary
April 4, 2012, 7:00 p.m. – Community Center

Present: Members: Christine Griffin, Terry & Marty Jorgensen, Robin Maxson, Clint Richards, John & Arvie Degenfelder, Bob & Maria Longton, Alison Farrin, Bart & Vonnie Switzer, Jenny Hindmarsh, Tammy Alsman. 14 members, no visitors.

Welcome & Introduction Christine Griffin.

  • Call to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Introductions of those present
President’s Report - Christine Griffin
  • Introduction of new Secretary – Maria Biondo Longton.
  • New RTA website Christine explained the new website that Margaret Hill put together in the last week, with a handout referring to the links to the sites pages, the calendar (which integrates BCHC and other events with RTA’s), the “My Family” link, a ‘Donate”, ‘Join’ and “RTA Online Store’ button, the log-in link for Board members to access our corporate account all on the home page of the website. One suggestion given was that GPS info be available for trails on the website, so difficultly of the trail could be evaluated beforehand.
  • Mention of the GPS was noted as a good one and Christine was reminded that RTA has a GPS with one of the members, and it needs to be located. Terry offered to help find who has it.
  • Google Apps for Nonprofits hosts our online corporate accounts and is up and running. The new website is free to us through “Google Apps”, along with internet storage of documents, pictures, videos, corporate emails and much more. All Board members have been given an email address based on their Board position and have been asked to do all RTA communications using those addresses. Those email addresses are also on our website via . Karen Carlson helped get the domain name released so Margaret Hill could set it up with the new site. Margaret is our temporary webmaster while someone is sought to fill that spot.
  • Summary of recent Board meeting:
    • Discussion of the difference between the title ‘Past President’ (anyone having held the office of the President) and the Office of Past President (a position on the Board of Directors). Amendment to the bylaws clearly defining each was passed unanimously.
    • Director of Communications vacant position.
    • Director of Trails Karen Carlson resignation, Arvie Degenfelder was voted co-director in 2012 election so she has assumed that position.
    • Detailed discussion of the Old Rodeo Grounds Arena project, currently no funding or MOU with the county for that project.
    • Rides, Special Events, Projects & Fundraisers a checklist of all things needing to be taken into consideration (insurance, contracts, costs/funding, PR, etc.) when doing anything for RTA will be created and available online. Amendment to the bylaws was passed unanimously making use of that checklist mandatory for any type of function mandatory.
    • Monument Copyright an application for authorization to us the copyright and an authorization form will be created and a list of approved users will be available online.
    • Resolution for the application of a RTA Debit card was approved unanimously.
    • Discussion of the online office for BOD to use Google Apps for Non-Profits, corporate emails for each Board member to use for all RTA business which will create continuity of information going forward over the years as people change positions versus loss of information because it is on personal computers with peoples personal emails which has left us with no record of years of RTA history because people computers have crashed, people are no longer active members and some have passed away. Online records (documents, photos, videos, etc.) can help store our history for the future.

Details of the BOD meeting of 4-2-12 will be sent to the membership via the Minutes of the meeting, prior to our May Membership meeting.

Treasurer’s Report - Clint Richards

  • Deposits: $1,900 from Membership Fees.
  • Expenditures: $3,522.68.
  • Rodeo Arena Project has used $379.17 of general funds which will need to be repaid via fundraising.
  • Vallecito Days added additional $334 funds for future projects at VD.
  • Katie provided a comparison of 2009/2010/2011 RTA financials.

Secretary's Report - Maria Biondo Longton

  • Motion made by John Degenfelder to approve January minutes. Seconded by Alison Ferrin. Motion passed. Motion made by Clint Richards to approve February minutes. Seconded by Tammy Alsman. Motion passed.
  • Maria Biondo Longton just installed as Secretary, so the March Minutes will be emailed to members by Christine, and will be posted online.

Vice President /Membership Report - Robin Joy Maxson

  • Current number of up-to-date total members for 2012: 130.
  • Current number of up-to-date family & individual memberships for 2012: 76.
  • Membership renewals status of activity Robin contacted everyone on old list, and will address all from an old “inactive” list. Currently RTA has $1,900 in Membership fees.
RPRA (Ramona Parks & Recreation Association) Cheryl Wegner Not present/No report

Communication Director Position is open at this time.

  • This Office really needs to be filled. Responsibilities are newsletter, brochures, website. Currently Margaret is temporarily doing much of the website and Christine is temporarily doing the rest. An ad will be put in the next newsletter to recruit help.

Rides Terry Jorgensen

  • 6th Annual Vallecito Day’s Event – Wonderful successful story by Terry.
  • Theme this year was the Civil War period. 33 riders participated and 75 dinners were served. All expenses were covered by entrance fees, even Insurance. $334 surplus! Many improvements mentioned, and the wish list for tie rails and a wash rack. RTA made this event possible for last six years working together with BLM, county Parks and other agencies. Estimated 150 200 visitors enjoyed the event, with Old Town docents, too. Hands on demonstrations like leather work, tomahawk throwing and period clothing actualized the event.
  • Over the six years Terry has chaired the event more than $17,000 has been brought into RTA and the event has been self-sustaining the entire time with surplus funds being earmarked for horse related items at the park. Hoping to use funds to create a Kiosk by the horse corrals with info about the trails, facility and RTA.
  • Next ride April 7th, Trail Host is Lary Griffin (858)735-8291. Barona Mesa & Cleveland Nat’l Forest, park at end of San Vicente Rd, be ready to ride at 10am. SDCE to Barona Mesa, CNF and return. Ride time approx. 3 hours, skill level moderate some steep hills.
  • Pre-ride done on Monday April 2, by Terry and other RTA members for Saturday’s safety. Lary Griffin did some trail repair in advance of the ride thanks Lary!
  • Reminder- Vaquero Days August 11 in Old Town this year (1830-1850 Statehood Period) Program will be one day with parade, demos, dinner, dance, etc. Plan ahead.

Trails Arvie Degenfelder

  • Old Rodeo Grounds - April 14th work party at 9:00am for pipe fencing work.
  • Update - Eagle Scout Project Concrete Map Project by Trevor she will get an update.
  • Cedar Creek Falls trail open from Julian side April 1, 2012. Still patrolled. Terry Jorgensen, Tammy Alsman and Patty Heyden have been alternating representation at the meetings of local agencies dealing with the trail issues. A permit process will be put in place and public comment on that should be in the near future.

Special Events/Fundraising - Tammy Alsman

  • Cafe Press is our online store where RTA logo’d items can be ordered. There is a link to the store on the Home page of the RTA website. Tammy has been working with Christine, Marketing Worx and Kristin Munson to get the John Pickle logo recreated in a digital format so store items can have that logo too. RTA will get a donation with each item purchase from our store. Profit from these donations will go to the general fund. Suggestion made by Maria that some of these items be ordered for ‘show and tell’ at our meetings, perhaps offering some free with a donation to RTA. Motion made by Tammy Alsman to spend $100 to purchase items from our store for promotion of RTA store. Seconded simultaneously by Clint Richards and Robin Joy Maxson. Motion passed unanimously. Items will be ordered for the next meeting.
  • Retro Logo being computerized –Big thanks to Kristin Munson.
  • Christine has been working Wood N Stiches getting the Monument logo and our new RTA logo digitized for embroidering. They have asked to use our copyright and are helping with the logo in exchange.
  • ACTHA event update. Because of the short time frame to put everything together and the work involved Tammy’s committee has decided to postpone any ACTHA event in the short term. The leg work has been done to get is set up in the future RTA wants one.

Community/Government Liaison - John Degenfelder

  • Old Rodeo Grounds is not really part of the trail system, but is a “Resource Management Project” that John was asked about doing by the County. San Diego County will decide if and when to widen the road into the arena and what to do with the Ranch House and the barn. A staging area larger that the Ramona Grasslands is wanted, and opening this area in the future will relieve some of the crowding at the Grasslands. Fixing up the arena is the first step of the dream, then the rest will need to be completed by the county before it can be used. Estimated cost for the arena project is $10,000. Some sort of fundraising need to done to cover those cost (mostly for fencing).

Old Business:

  • Cheryl Wegner I Love a Clean San Diego event with RTA April 28th.
  • Trails Conference Bart Switzer will be attending for RTA along with John & Arvie Degenfleder, April 18-20th.
  • EqWine Trail Karen C to have sent easement info to Becky Cullen, status unknown.

New Business:

  • Arvie D, passionately suggested RTA consider an Adopt A Trailproject for members to get active with, similar to the one the City of Carlsbad has in place and brought some of the materials on their program. She felt there were no current trail projects and brought up the Park to Pile trail. Terry Jorgenson co-chaired that project and got survey work done and Karen Carlson obtained $5000 in grant funding to build the trail and pay for the fencing, but this project was several years ago and Arvie has concerns no new trail projects are in the works. Arvie wants a younger member to step forward and pick up her enthusiasm for trail projects.
  • Alison Farrin has been working on a trail in the Highland Valley area and expressed frustration with lack of information on how to get a trail approved and completed. She asked if RTA had a checklist with the steps and contacts to streamline the process and wants guidance on how to continue. She will speak with Arvie about how to proceed with the County. Alison has spoken to neighbors and gotten their support already and will review the Carlsbad materials to see if that can help RTA create a checklist.
  • Maria Biondo made a motion for Alison to review Carlsbad’s “Adopt-A-Trail” brochure and make a document for RTA submission. Adopt A Trail in our community right here! Seconded simultaneously by Clint and Robin. Motion passed.
  • It was pointed out that several ‘trails’ projects were being handled by various RTA members such as: Cedar Creek Falls, EqWine Trail, Old Survey 97, Santa Margarita Greenway, Old Rodeo Grounds Arena (Arvie stated that was not a trail project), Alison’s trail and one to the back side of Barnett Open space and it was suggested that the Trails Committee support and assist with these too.
  • Ramona Rodeo Parade is May 19th, RTA must decide by May 7th , whether to attend. Christine will send out an e-mail to see if there is enough interest to pay the entrance fee. RTA did participate last year. Fee for non-profits $25, for Equestrian $50.

Near-term Calendar of Events

  • April 7th, Ride Host Lary Griffin (858) 735-8291.
  • April 14, Old Rodeo Grounds Work Party at 9:00am.
  • April 18-21, California Trails Conference in Woodland Hills.
  • April 28, I Love A Clean San Diego cleanup day Cheryl Wegner.
  • April 28, San Vicente Saddle Club Poker Ride (non-RTA event).
  • May 2, RTA Membership Meeting 7 pm Ramona Community Center.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

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