Summary of March 2012 membership meeting

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Ramona Trails Association
Membership Meeting Summary
March 7, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Vice President Robin Joy Maxson and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.  In attendance were members: Robin Maxson, Clint Richards, Linda Lucas, Don Wendt, John & Arvie Degenfelder, Donna Comford, Robin Campbell, Karen Carlson,  Bill & Erna Edelson, Mary Moore, Bob & Maria Longton, Jenny Hindmarsh, Bart & Vonnie Switzer.  Becoming a member - Rae O’Rourke.   Guest – Larry McKinnon

Maria Longton brought cupcakes to share in celebration of her recent retirement from Library.

Presidents report read by Robin, from Christine Griffin (at RTA Vallecitos Day Event setting up).
●             I would like to thank Karen Carlson & Margaret Hill for their endless hours getting the new web-site up and running. This has been a huge endeavor and we owe them many, many thanks.......
●             We have an opening for the Secretary and Director of Communications positions on the Board and we are asking for any volunteers who are interested in either position to contact me.  I will be sending out an email with a description of each position after the Vallecito Days Event so anyone who may be interested will know more of what is involved.   I also want to thank Ada Wildberger for her help and support on the Board.
●             Because so many of the BOD are not at the meeting no business will be transacted at this meeting and will need to go on next month’s agenda

VP/Membership:  We currently have 112 active members in 2012.   Robin has been contacting 2011 members (190) and older inactive members to see if they are interested in membership this year with VERY positive results.

RPRA (Ramona Parks & Rec Assoc.) report read by Robin M.  Eagle Scout Project – cement trail map at RTA trailhead in Ramona Community Park was approved by RPRA.

Director of Communication report: position is open
Web-Site: Karen Carlson -   New web-site is up and running 
PayPal instructions and donation button will be added shortly, also Rides and Projects Page. 

Director of Rides report – Terry Jorgenson (Not present, at RTA Vallecito Days event setting up.)
Next ride April 7th, Trail Host is Lary Griffin (858)735-8291.   Barona Mesa & Cleveland Natl Forest. Park at end of San Vicente Rd, be ready to ride at 10am.  SDCE to Barona Mesa, CNF and return.  Ride time approx. 3 hours, skill level moderate some steep hills. 

Director of Trails:  Karen Carlson- Bonnie Solvac left the Trail Guides to Arvie who gave them to Karen. 2005 Trail Matrix is on new web-site.   Summary of San Diego River Park meeting – 35 miles of open trails and hoping to get 14 miles through Ramona.    John Degenfelder – Pauma Valley – Sutherland Dam – Old Coach trail descriptions. He attended County Supervisor Diane Jacobs (Dist 2) Trail Meeting Santa Maria Creek Greenway (behind K-Mart) was discussed, Maryann Vancio – Catherine View Trail needs road fixed before anything can be done about the trail.

 Special Events/Fundraising report:-Tammy Alsman (Not present, at RTA Vallecito Days event too.)
●             Cafe Press - RTA Logo items online at, please check out the site and give Tammy ( feedback and notes of additional items you may want included.  We are currently working on getting the Retro logo put in an electronic format that will work for apparel and also the round 3 color logo.
●             ACTHA Ride - Currently checking available dates in July at Rancho Penasquitos Canyon and looking for people interested in joining the planning committee and will also need volunteers to help facilitate the day of the event.  

Director of Community/Government Liaison: John Degenfelder – CA Riding & Hiking trail maintenance is being abandoned by the State who wants counties to do the maintenance.  CNF (Cleveland Natl Forest) is working a staging area at the end of Ramona Oaks Rd (SDCE) for the Eagle Peak trail.   Old Rodeo Grounds: Work party to wire  brush pipes and make repairs for prep for painting set for March 24th at 9am.  John to call Marshall Myers. 

Ramona Grasslands does not allow trail users in the pond.   Horses are not allowed.  

Trails Conference in April up in Woodland Hills.  Bart Switzer & John D representing RTA

New Business – none
Meeting was adjourned.      Next Meeting April 4th at 7pm.

Meeting notes taken by Clint Richards, typed to Minutes by Christine Griffin 3-13-12
Secretary and Treasurers report on file and left out of Blog summary.