Reasons for Bathroom Remodeling  

The “status” of a bathroom is now no longer just a “restroom”, so many families are willing to spend extra money on it. The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that requires the most attention because it may no longer be located behind the house and become an “indicator” to measure how dirty or how clean the owner of the house is. Activities there that intersect with wet affairs also make it necessary to carry out careful maintenance.

Because of this, the bathroom may have changed faces many times while the other room or part of the house is still as old as it was when the house was first built. Then, what other reasons make people feel the need or consider Action 1 Construction?

Apart from emotional considerations, rational considerations are also reasons. People may just want to bury their past and choose something that is more practical, simpler. Or more contemporary and more modern. It could also be considered because it lightens the masculine atmosphere or, on the contrary, it is feminine. Here are five rational and emotional reasons why people feel the need to renovate a bathroom:

Replace elements that are damaged or malfunctioning
This is a rational reason why people renovate bathrooms. Weathered wooden frames due to frequent splashing of water, dull toilets and broken buoys, wall paint that is starting to fade due to damp air in the bathroom, leaking water reservoirs, bathroom floors that are starting to get slippery and dull or seeping, are some examples of why then bathroom renovation was seen as imperative and urgent.

Want to get a different atmosphere and look
A dark bathroom with ceramic walls measuring 20×20 or even more old school 10×10 is sure to impress an old bathroom. Especially if the motif or color is also starting to lag. Changing the bathroom walls from light to dark colors or vice versa, or changing the motif from flowers to plain, or changing the bathroom with children’s cartoon walls, will make the appearance and atmosphere in the bathroom completely change. A new or different atmosphere can also be obtained from changes in accessories, lighting, and decorations in the bathroom.

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