Reduce the risk of car accidents with these 5 ways

One way to anticipate traffic accidents is to routinely check vehicles, especially on vehicle tires. This is because most accidents that occur on the road due to vehicle tires that are not roadworthy, ranging from bald conditions to uneven wear. Here are tips on caring for tires that you can do to prevent traffic accidents. In the meantime, perhaps you need to visit a reliable car accident lawyer in new york after experiencing a car accident.

Method 1

Tires with less air pressure will cause the tire to easily heat when rubbing against the asphalt so that the tire wears out faster and seriously endangers the safety of the driver. Therefore, make it a habit to routinely check vehicle tire pressure at least once a month and always check tire pressure every time you travel far. For precise measurements of tire pressure, check when the tire temperature is cold. If you run out of long trips by vehicle, wait for about three hours.

Method 2

Make sure the tire is worn evenly by rotating at 10,000 to 000 km or every six months. By rotating the tires, you can extend tire life and maintain handling capability well.

Method 3

Use coins as a clue whether the tire is still worth using or has been bald and must be replaced. Put coins on the vehicle tire tread, if you can see the whole coin picture, then it’s time to change the vehicle tires.

Method 4

In order for the tires to last longer, make sure to rotate the tires, by exchanging the tires in front with the ones behind. Generally, this tire rotation is carried out when the odometer has reached 000 km. This is to homogenize the condition of the entire tire and maintain its lifetime.

Method 5

Take care of the tire from the hole in the road. If you have to go through it, then pass slowly and allow the entire surface of the tire to enter the hole. Thus, you will reduce the risk of damage, especially on the tire wall. This method can also keep the vehicle under control.

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