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Avoid Accidents with Trucks

Traffic accidents involving private vehicles and trucks should be avoided if you understand the limitations of trucks. The truck’s large dimensions make it unhurried and need a lot of space when moving. In addition, the high position of the driver’s seat and the rearview that is obstructed by the body make the truck driver have a blind spot or an area around the vehicle that is not visible to the driver’s eye. The weight of the truck, especially when it is filled with loads, is so large that it is not easy for it to make emergency braking. So what if you have to deal with trucks on the road? You can visit car accident attorney santa ana.

Maintain a Safe Distance
Don’t follow the truck too closely because your car is not visible to the driver. In addition, being too close makes you not have enough space to peek at the lane from the opposite direction due to being covered by the truck body. Maintaining a safe distance allows you to anticipate the movement of the truck, such as if the truck suddenly brakes suddenly or does not have the strength to climb. Maintaining a safe distance not only gives the truck space but also makes the car easily visible to the truck driver. The closer the car is to the truck, the more difficult it will be for the truck driver to keep an eye on your car. Hence, keep a safe distance and make sure the vehicle is in the visibility of the truck driver.

Give a Sign or Cue
Give a sign when you want to overtake the truck, either with a dimmer or a horn. That way, truck drivers can be aware of your car and maintain their vigilance.

Give Enough Space
When overtaking, make sure there is sufficient space between the truck and the car in front. If the distance is too close, you will force yourself to get between the two. This situation will put your car in the blind spot of the truck and it is very dangerous if the car in front is braking.