Types Of Carpet

The appearance of a beautiful house is certainly not only supported by an attractive home design but also by the right spatial arrangement. One of the things that are often used to sweeten the appearance of the house is the carpet. You can choose from the following types of carpets. Here are the type of carpets that carpet cleaning cammeray can clean.

Polypropylene Carpet
This one carpet has been widely produced and used in homes. This polypropylene carpet is made from synthetic fiber floor carpet. Although it is made of synthetic fiber, the use of this carpet is quite comfortable. In addition, this carpet is also very easy to clean.

Another advantage of this floor rug is also sold at a relatively cheap price so it is a favorite of many people. However, this carpet has a drawback, namely the color of the carpet easily fades over time.

Nylon Carpet
One of the most common floor carpet materials produced is nylon. This type of carpet has a strong enough durability that makes it quite durable. This carpet also has lightweight so it is very easy to move around.

Nylon carpet prices are also relatively cheap so they are easy to reach. It is also available in various motifs and colors so you don’t need to be afraid if this rug will make the room in the house feel monotonous.

Cotton Carpet
When talking about the types of carpets, this one-floor carpet material has indeed been used for a long time. Cotton is indeed a carpet that is available in various motifs and sizes but is sold at very affordable prices.

Unfortunately, this floor carpet material has short durability, so it’s best to use this cotton carpet in areas where there is no high traffic to slow down the damage that can occur to the carpet.
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